Gullain-Barre Syndrome

mathieu mathieu at
Thu May 6 11:06:40 EST 1999

Kathalene Hague wrote:

> I need information on this syndrome.  My father was recently diagnosed
> with this disease and there isn't much information available.   I was
> told this disease is caused by a virus that stimulates the immune system
> to begin attacking the myelin sheathing of the nerves, causing a type of
> short circuiting of the nervous system.  My father is 75 years old and I
> am told a full recovery is unlikely, but he may regain some ability to
> walk with the aid of braces and a walker.

I am sorry to hear about your father getting the GBS. My mother had a very
strong attach of it two years ago, and she has yet some way to go before
complete recovery.

You can get information about GBS by trying :    GBS Foundation International               GBS support group in the UK    (should be about the
same as above)

There is also a mailing list of people who have encountered the GBS,
GBS.etal at and should be able to subscribe to it from one of the
sites above.


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