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Tue Sep 7 19:36:15 EST 1999

Rick Bright wrote:

> I have no idea what this message says or means.  Could you state
> yourself any clearer please?
> gopinath rajuseetharaman wrote:
> >
> > Dear Virology News group people,
> >
> > What it takes to be great molecular virologist..give your view points in
> > please..your thoughts would be weighed on very heavily..
> >
> > The technical qualities and requirements may be discussed if not in good
> > detail, but in crisp..
> >
> > Gopinath Raju Seetharaman           [ RESIDENCE:
> > Ph.D., Fellow,                      [ 12.A, E.V.R, FIRST STREET,
> > Department of Animal Biotechnology, [ G.K.M. COLONY,
> > Madras Veterinary College,          [ CHENNAI-600 082,
> > Vepery,Chennai-600 007.             [ TAMIL NADU,
> > INDIA.                              [ INDIA.
> > FAXNo:0091-044-588997 (MVC library)
> >       0091-044-589445 (MVC Dean,Basic Science)
> > Email:drgopin at
> >       drgopin at / drgopin at

Evidently, Gopinath was having difficulty translating directly to english.
>From reading his message, this is what I think he was trying to state:

Please explain to me what it takes to be a good molecular virologist, along
with your personal opinions.  I will use your information as guidance.

Could you also include any technical information a student would need to know,
along with any other requirements.  You don't have to go into great detail,
but I'd appreciate a brief overview.


I'm sorry that I cannot offer any assistance answering this message, since I'm
only a 2nd year Undergraduate student.  Although, I'm positive that there are
many other people who read this news group that may assist you.

Ryan Doherty
B.Sc. Biochemistry & Biotechnology Hnrs II
Carleton University

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