smallpox extinction

bob nicolson Bob at
Fri Sep 10 15:59:22 EST 1999

Couldnt agree more, wasnt it Bernard Fields who said something about "Anyone
who thinks we have learned enough about the smallpox virus doesnt understand
virology, and that includes some famous virologists." It would be madness to
destroy it just for the sake of its destruction. As far as i know there are
only two labs in the world that we know about which contain it, what about
the ones we dont know about???
Laydeebug9 <laydeebug9 at> wrote in message
news:19990901222211.17169.00003093 at
> I think that we should keep the last samples of the smallpox virus.  Who
> what countries may have samples we don't even know about.  It wouldn't be
> to destroy what we think is the last of the virus, because we can never be
> it won't come back in the future.  We need to keep it to be prepared and
it can
> also possibly help us with finding vaccines for other diseases.

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