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Dear Ms.Ryan Doherty,

With reference to your Reply: molecular virologist

The following was my earlier reply to virology at and
rbright at
	It was just to start some discussion going on in the virology
newsgroup for petersmith's desperate requests that there is no good
activity in this newsgroup and :

	1)To set some guidelines for the young people entering the molecular
virology to help tham equip themselves with required knowhow on New and
latest Molecular virological techniques. 

	2) To know the potential research areas in Molecular virolgy requiring
focus from experts in this News group.

	3) To know the more web resources like the All the Virology on the www, on molecular virology
including recent techniques update and breaking news in molecular

The newsgroup people may come forward to contribute as and when any
information they find on the web on the above. This will improve the
young people interest and knowledge in the Molecular virolgy.

	The above was intended to get more knowledge as a virologist from the
net and the experts to "YMV"-young molecular virolgists.

	I hope everybody who know something like a unique website or anything
read lately somewhere in a journal or a tabloid on virolgy which is
very interesting could be contributed. As this information could be
shared and also debates may start on few of those topics mailed.

Anyway thanks for your understanding of my mail in the virology
newsgroup. It was written hastily to just respond to petersmith's
desperate requests.

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