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The Pan American Health Organization has recently produced complete
guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment, and vaccination strategy of
measles which may be of interest to members of this newsgroup. The guide
incorporates experiences acquired over the past seven years in measles
eradication activities in this Hemisphere.

"Measles Eradication--Field Guide" outlines PAHO's strategy for outbreak
prevention and measles eradication and also provides valuable background
information about measles in a concise format and easy-to-understand
language. Its seven chapters cover such subjects as the epidemiology of
measles, clinical aspects of the disease, proper handling and delivery
of measles vaccines, and methods of laboratory confirmation of measles
infection. The largest section of the book is devoted to surveillance
for measles cases and gives guidelines for case investigation, outbreak
response, and other components of an effective surveillance system.
Attached as appendices are numerous examples of forms that can be copied
and modified as needed for local surveillance purposes.

There is also an extensive bibliography arranged by subject.

So far the book has received excellent reviews.

"This slim volume packs a lot of useful information. . . I am impressed
with the practical details . . .as well as by the solid theoretical
groundwork on which concepts of disease eradication are conceptualized.
. . this book reminds us that now is not the time for complacency, but
rather diligence, as we pursue the tangible goal of complete global
measles eradication."
--Mark R. Schleiss, MD
Children's Hospital Medical Center

For more information about acquiring this publication, please contact
Meagan Cooke
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Pan American Health Organization
Regional Office of the World Health Organization
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