Virus resistance USDA-ARS Postdoc

Joseph Anderson janderson at
Wed Jul 26 17:13:19 EST 2000

USDA-ARS Postdoctoral Research Associate to investigate " A
novel approach to achieving virus resistance in plants by
repressing virus gene expression". The major objective of
this project is to develop a novel approach to repress viral
transcription thereby reducing virus multiplication and/or
movement within the plant and between plants with the goal
of generating virus-resistant plants. The technology to
modulate gene expression in a gene-specific manner is well
developed in the pharmaceutical industry.  This is a joint
project with a company that has many of the necessary tools
and concepts.  The intent of this research is to apply this
technology to develop virus resistant wheat and other small
grain crops.  Elements that specifically interrupt the gene
expression capacity of barley yellow dwarf virus and
possibly other viruses will be identified and isolated.
These elements will be characterized in a protoplast system
to determine their ability to cause a resistance phenotype.
Elements that prove effective will be used to generate
transgenic virus resistant wheat.  This project requires a
person with a Ph.D., strong molecular biology skills and the
ability to think creatively.  Experience in molecular
virology would be a plus.  Because this is a joint project
with a company, good verbal and written skills are a must to
ensure the easy flow of information to, and from, this
company. This is a USDA-ARS appointment for two years at the
GS-11 level with a salary at approximately $41,000 per year
plus benefits.  Certain citizenship requirements apply to
this position (see below). For additional details contact
Dr. Joe Anderson, USDA-ARS, Agronomy Department, Purdue
University, Email: janderson at,  Phone: (765)
494-5565, FAX: (765) 496-2926. USDA-ARS is an equal
opportunity provider and action employer.  The citizenship
requirements for these USDA-ARS positions are: US citizen,
or citizen of a country with which the US has a defense
treaty (NATO, SEATO, RIO), or citizen of countries that are
specifically exempted.  Citizens of India and the Peoples
Republic of China unless they qualify under the Chinese
Student Protection Act are not eligible.


Joseph M. Anderson, Ph.D.
USDA-ARS, Research Molecular Biologist
Crop Production & Pest Control Research
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Agronomy Department
Purdue University
1150 Lilly Hall, West Lafayette, IN 47907
765-494-5565 (Office); 765-496-2926 (Fax)
janderson at (E-mail)


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