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Barmah Forest virus is one alphavirus present in Australia. It is
transmitted by mosquitoes. Barmah Forest itself is down around the Vic-NSW
border in Australia and is where the 1st isolate originated.
It is closely related to Ross River virus (another State....a Townsville
River in Qld).
However the viruses are widespread throughout Australia. There are
diagnostic tests available (Made in Qld by Panbio P/L) which detect IgM and
IgG antibody.
It is usually a self limiting disease but may vary with the individual. It
primarily causes polyarthritis but also some other symptoms.
Here's some leads!
Cheers, Ian Carter


Ross River & Barmah Forest
Information from the NSW Arbovirus Surveillance & Vector Monitoring Program
relating to this group of viruses. Includes natural history details.

Barmah Forest Virus
Find out about the diagnosis and management of this alphavirus first
discovered in Victoria. Includes details of morphology and pathogenesis.

Multi-purpose site, providing facts about Ross River Virus and Barmah Forest
Virus, as well as an online forum for sufferers of these diseases.


Kingfisher Wetland Cruises
Company offers two-hour cruises through the Barmah Forest. Get tour details,
and see photographs.


Kingfisher Wetland Cruises
Company offers two-hour cruises through the Barmah Forest. Get tour details,
and see photographs.


Ross River Virus and Barmah Forest Virus
This information was prepared by the Department of Human Services in
conjunction with the Victorian Arbovirus Task Force, January 2001.

Wetlands Map: Barmah Forest
Wetlands Map: Barmah Forest Go back to the Interactive Map The Barmah Forest
wetlands are in the north of Victoria. They are some of the most important
wetlands in Australia. These wetlands have been recognised as having
international significance.

Barmah Forest Virus Support Group
Barmah Forest Virus Support Group - No Summary

Barmah Forest Strategy Endorsed Media Release 30 March 2000
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> Dr Sharman Stone > 2001 > 2000 > 1999 > 1998 > 1997 > 1996 The Hon Dr
Sharman Stone MP Federal Member for Murray Parliamentary Secretary to the
Minister for the

Barmah Bungalow
Barmah's Bungalow is self contained holiday accommodation near the Barmah
Forest and within easy walking distance of the Murray River

Belinda Lodge Barmah
Belinda Lodge is situated on 65 acres of land in a unique position on the
outskirts of the Barmah Forest.

Epidemic Polyarthritis (Ross River Virus & Barmah Forest virus)
North East Valley Division of General Practice, Victoria, Australia.
Epidemic Polyarthritis (Ross River Virus & Barmah Forest virus) Epidemic
polyarthritis is caused by a virus which is transmitted by certain species
of mosquitoes. SYMPTOMS Flu-like

VIC Country Hour - 27/07/00: Barmah rates too high say farmers
The Victorian Farmers Federation is advising forest graziers not to pay
adjistment fees in the Barmah Forest The Department of Natural Recourses and
Environment has been increasing the rates for graz

Gondwana Canoe Hire Barmah
GONDAWANA canoe hire operates in the Barmah area offering expert advise on
how to get the most out of the Barmah experience

Barmah, Moira, Gulpa Island
Barmah State Park, Moira Forest and Gulpa Island About 20,000 years ago the
Murray flowed north of Echuca, along the course of what is today called
Green Gully. It was the Goulburn River that flowed through what is now
Echuca. Tectonic activity

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> my grandfather has been diagnosed with reumatoid arthritis, grand mother
> heard about
> Bramhi forrest virus or
> Brama forrest virus or
> Bahma forrest virus
> can anybody help with a web site to find out more infomation on this.
> thank you very much.
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