Glenn Snow gsnow at
Mon Dec 31 06:57:45 EST 2001

Tom Dougherty <tmpdough at> wrote:

> Hi there!  I have a question for the group.
> A few weeks ago when I started hearing ebola in the news again I subscribed
> to this newsgroup thinking this group would be a busy place.
> Can anyone here tell me if there is a busier newsgroup/list pertaining to
> virus outbreaks around the world?

Hi Tom,

  Most of the postings here are of the more "academic" variety, with
researchers asking questions or posting comments. If you want to get
information of a more "news flash" variety, may I suggest either the
ProMedMail website, or one of their mailing lists. It's probably more
what you're looking for, I suspect. (It's also a VERY active place, with
multiple postings daily regarding outbreaks of different sorts all over
the world).  Their website is:   and you can
sign up there for their various mailing lists as well, which will give
you the same data via email instead of the web format.




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