Recombinant antibody against HBV

Tim Maisch tmmaisch at
Tue Feb 6 23:15:43 EST 2001

as I know the Fc-Typ of an antibody can influence the biological activity and
reactivity of  an antibody.
Do you have different subtypes of recombinant antibodies with different Fc-typ?
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biplab bose wrote:

> Different types of recombinant antibodies ( e.g scFv, Fab) have been
> developed which can neutrelise hepatitis b virus . But these type of
> antibody can not protect onnce the virus replicating in the hepatocytes and
> starts drestroying them. Can these recombinant antibodies be used directly
> or in modified form( like as conjugated with toxin or as diabodies ) to help
> to clear the virus and to target infected hepatocytes? If you hav any idea
> or have done some work in these direction please inform me about that.
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