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On 18 Mar 2002 09:49:32 -0000,
    D. Levy (levy at removespam.uab.edu) wrote:
> I believe that HEK293T (or just 293T as commonly cited) is a subclone
> of HEK293 that is particularly transfectable, hence the "T"
> designation.

No.  293T is a derivative of 293 cells that stably express
the large T-antigen of SV40.  Plasmids containing the SV40
origin are replicated to a copy number of between 400 -
1000 plasmids per cell within 293T, and therefore express
at a higher level.

293T are also resistant to G418.  This cell-line was made
in Michelle Calos' lab at Stanford about 14 years ago.

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