AlgoNomics publishes SARS CTL epitopes

Philippe Stas info at
Thu May 8 03:57:40 EST 2003

Belgium based vaccine development company AlgoNomics published SARS data 
that might help the scientific community in developing novel SARS 
vaccines. The company decided to make this information publicly 
available, in order to contribute to a rapid development of a vaccine 
against SARS.

Less than two months after the SARS outbreak, AlgoNomics identified the 
CTL epitopes of the virus using its epitope discovery platform Epibase™ 
and the full sequence of the virus which was published Mid April by the 
American CDC.
Epibase™ uses accurate three-dimensional models of molecules of the 
human immune system. The development of this platform, supported by 
governmental grants, is the result of over 72 man-years of research.

The epitope information can be found at and 
can be used freely for non-commercial, academic research.

AlgoNomics N.V.

ir. Philippe Stas
Dr. Toon Stegmann

info at


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