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Tobias Hertzig tobias.hertzig at
Wed Nov 19 05:38:02 EST 2003

i know no agent - but why shouldn't there nothing exist? imagine an
inhibitor of dna-polymerase - some virus have their own, polymerase of
bacteria is different to that of animals. you must find only the drug to
block these polymerases selectively....

a google-search gave me one "hit": some catechine would show
Antiviral/Antibacterial activity
( ....but might be just a


"JB" <avngneer at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
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> There seems to be an awful lot of confucion surrounding wether or not
> Virii are living things. I just read on a website
> that "...herpes simplex
> virus type 2. These viruses are "ancient " living forms that infect
> most animal species..."
> My understanding is that Virii, being "unliving" are not like
> bacteria, and cannot be treated with antibacterial agents like
> amoxycillin, Penicillin, or Eurythromycin.  They respond to
> ANTIVIRALs, Acyclovir, Famvir, Norton : ).
> Is there overlap? Does an Antiviral/Antibacterial agent exist? If so,
> what is it?
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