Getting women to use computers

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Tue Dec 15 15:10:08 EST 1992

ah690549 at (Annette C. Hollmann) writes:

>In article <1992Dec3.224639.19678 at> dan at (Daniel Zabetakis) writes:
>>   One problem that often comes to mind is how to get more female biologists
>>interested in computers and networks. 
>>That has been my experience. I also think that women in general have a not
>>so slight aversion to computers.

>my foot!

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>ah690549 at mbcr,

Maybe to alter the thread here slightly,
preferences for using the computer and/or indulging in inter-personal
communication may be a relevent factor;
some have suggested that differing spatial ability and mathematical 
reasoning abilities between the sexes may be a factor.
An interesting article has appeared in the September 92 Scientific 
American (p. 80) on these latter points. (It compared results from
high and low testosterone males & females, interesting).

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