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Tue Oct 20 09:18:00 EST 1992

Job announcement
Subj:  Plant-Pathogen Interaction

                    Horticulture Research International
                       East Malling, Kent, England
                      Department of Crop Protection

                          in collaboration with

                              Wye College
                          University of London
             Department of Biochemistry and Biological Sciences

A vacancy exists for a postdoctoral biologist or a First or Upper Class
Honours graduate with an interest in the genetics and molecular biology of
pathogen recognition by plants.  The person appointed will join an active
collaborative research programme between HRI (Drs Ian Crute and Eric Holub)
and Wye College (Dr Jim Beynon).  The group is investigating Arabidopsis
and its biotrophic fungal parasite Peronospora with a goal of understanding
the molecular basis of gene-for-gene specificity.  Relevant research experience
in plant or fungal genetics, molecular biology, and pathology will be
advantageous.  And, an enthusiasm to work co-operatively towards the research
goals of the group will be essential.  The current funding is provided for a
four year term by the Agriculture Food and Research Council.

The appointment will be graded HSO (12,933-17,916 pounds per annum) or
SO (10,973-14,689 per annum), depending on qualifications and experience.
Further details and application form (Ref 193/EM) can be requested from the
Personnel Officer, HRI-East Malling, West Malling, Kent, ME19 6BJ, ENGLAND.
Tel:  (0732)843833.  FAX:  (0732)849067.

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