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Tue Oct 27 15:19:45 EST 1992

In article <1992Oct27.175302.25620 at> LAWSON at UK.AC.AFRC.JII writes:

>I think it is a bit ironic that so far the only reports I've seen on this 
>network other than the repeated job advert have been from men!

    Since you say you are new to the net, let me give you a small clue.
Nobody knows fo sure, but it is generally believed that usenet is 90-95%
male. It follows from the proportion of men in engineering, comp sci, math,
etc. Bionet probably doesn't follow this line as closely, but I bet it is
more biased towards men than biology as a field is. (any stats on this?)
    You have to expect every discussion on the net to be male dominated.
So will be, and some won't.

    There has been quite a bit of posting by women in this group recently,

   BTW, I don't think the bionet reader survey included anything about
reader profile, did it? Anyone interested in taking such a survey, could
be interesting.


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