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Tue Oct 27 12:01:11 EST 1992

I have to admit that one of the (many) reasons that I left academics
for industry was to be able to have a "normal" family life including
children (2 girls, ages 3 and 7; even though I still see much less of
my family than I should).  The *divorce rate* in the various
departments where I worked prior to coming to IntelliGenetics seemed
unhealthy to me.  At IG we have a flexible policy towards family

My personal philosophy is that fighting nature comes at a price.
There seems to me to be something sick about a system that requires
sacrificing a significant part of one's humanity.  Social problems
take years to work their way to a conclusion unfortunately (otherwise
we would take action sooner), and then one is left only with one's
regrets.  I don't see science becoming "kinder and gentler" in this
regards, and if resources per scientist continue to shrink, I am not
optimistic that it will move in this direction for either women or
men.  A certain degree of scarcity keeps one on one's toes, but if
society expects to benefit from science over the long haul, scientists
shouldn't be expected to give up so much for the cause.


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