The question of children, and other concerns

Virginia P Kunch vkunch at
Wed Oct 28 09:24:01 EST 1992

First off, I s'pose I should give a bit of background.  I'm a 28-yr-old
graduate student in Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology, in my 
second year of what was supposed to be a PhD program, but has turned
into a MS program (my research ideas haven't "worked out" & my advisor
and I see things differently), and if you think YOUR house/apartment
looks like ground zero, try having a 90-pound Golden Retriever add HIS
contribution -- MEN!!

Anyway, I would hesitate to say that my advisor is guilty of sexual 
harassment....  it's more like "sexual belittling".  He refuses to
acknowledge any of the problems of female grad students as anything 
other than "women's problems." (One of my labmates has just added that
he also holds our accomplishments in lower esteem than our male labmates)
Furthermore, he recently made a comment, during a discussion with one
of the male grad students (that I just happened (really) to overhear), about
a woman who was running a science symposium:  "She's been in science all
her life," he said, "and she looks like it." "Oh really?  Is she hot?"     
queries the student.  "No way," replies the prof, laughing.  I stuck my
head in the door and said, "Well, that was really sexist and offensive,"
but then, I don't much care, at this point, whether I lose this position.

In my opinion, it's this day-to-day irritation that has thoroughly
discouraged me from pursuing a career in science (I'm currently thinking
of picking crops in Australia).  I suppose that if I were stronger, I
would stick around and fight for the cause, but....

Anyway, my advisor just walked in... gotta go.
-ginny kunch
vkunch at

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