Dorothea Kominos kominos at JKDEC.ROCKEFELLER.EDU
Thu Oct 29 11:23:31 EST 1992

Let me tell you about discouragement.  I actually had the head of the
Chemistry Dept where I was an undergraduate tell me that I'd never
get into a graduate program in the United States.  I now have more publications
than he does.  

I had funding agency's tell me the work that I proposed as a post-doc was
impossible for me (a former theoretician) to accomplish.  It's now

My attitude is if someone belittles you, show them they are wrong. They
may NEVER admit it, but you know what, they'll know that they were wrong
and so were you.

I was reading the "children" responses to my husband (along with
the sexual harrassment responses) - he noticed that very few respondents
were from industry.  Are there any women out there in industrial
positions?  What is it like?  Do they have problems with male collegues?

I know this is rambling, sorry.  I often felt that there are a number
of tasks within the laboratory that are more "subservient" and I got stuck
with.  It was always the case when I was a grad student that the
transparencies would run out right before I gave group meeting.  Once I
asked a very liberal-minded male post-doc in the lab why he never went to
the stockroom to pick them up.  He couldn't be bothered to learn how.  
He also always happened to use the last one in the box.


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