One more thing...

Dorothea Kominos kominos at JKDEC.ROCKEFELLER.EDU
Thu Oct 29 11:27:20 EST 1992

Why isn't science fun anymore?  I noticed a lot of women saying that 
and I feel that most of the times too.  What is it?  Do we all have
to live up to this superhuman 100 hour/wk standard?  I get just
as much done in a 10 hour day as some of my counterparts do in a 16 hour
day (I don't sit and read the paper at my desk either).  

But why isn't it fun?  I really like it, I find it interesting. I even
like to explain physics and chemistry to my nephew and my neighbor's kids.
Is it all the work-induced stress?  I honestly don't know.


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