One more thing...

Annette C. Hollmann ah690549 at
Thu Oct 29 23:06:58 EST 1992

I think the superhuman hours started out with a few impatient, curious
people losing track of time. I have come home from the lab and just gone
into a state of near shock when I looked at my clock. On this clock I have
seen such unearthly digits as 5a.m. and 6 a.m. - from the less usual
perspective. And I don't do it on purpose either. It's just that once I
start an experiment, I want to see the results asaup (not a typo, short
form for "as soon as *unreasonably* possible". The only time I don't do
that is when I am working with unusually dangerous stuff (like mCi's of 32-P)

Then funding started getting low, and everybody had to work at least as
many hours as the next guy. next thing we know, we have a fullblown "hours
race" and cutthroat competition.

I don't have to worry about funding for now because I'm a grad student -
so what drives me is my impatience.


P.S. Sometimes you *have* to read the paper, play video games, etc. just
to "reset". You can't work 20 hours a day and not take a break. Some weeks
I go nuts and do a 140 hour week, and then I end up doing 28 hours the
next because I got overly fried.If you're trying to figure something out
and you're stuck, clean up your lab bench, read Science, or get some
Tetris time.It will bring your brain back to speed.

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