Thoughts on leaving...

Pamela s vandervere pvander at MIDWAY.UCHICAGO.EDU
Mon Aug 2 16:12:40 EST 1993

Like Cathy Lawson, I also considered leaving this newsgroup after I spent an
hour reading my e-mail this morning.  Of course, for me the decision was
based on the nonproductive (at least as far as I could see) and spiteful
conversations going on.  I will stay around for awhile though and hopefully
things will improve.

I would just like to say, in regards to what Una Smith implied about the
"wimpy" women who don't contribute, I read several of these newsgroups and I
haven't felt the need to contribute until now.  However, that certainly is
not because I am a wimp or because I am a women.  It is a personality trait
that I have in common with my father.  He is the "strong silent type", you
might say.  He unnerves many people because he sits back and takes things in
but only speaks rarely.  BUT when he does say something, people realize that
it is something important and something he feels strongly about.  I am sure
that most people who know him have a great deal of respect for the things
that he says, and certainly no one would call him a wimp.  The point I am
trying to make is that there may be a lot of people out there who are
benefitting from reading the postings in the bionet newsgroups (men and women
alike!) and they will contribute when they are ready.  I think it is unfair
to expect everyone to fit into the mold that you might like them to fit in.
Everyone is different and may not feel a need to post to the newsgroups on a
regular basis, but that doesn't mean that shouldn't be able to get something
out of them.

Pam VanderVere
Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology
University of Chicago

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