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Sat Aug 7 13:47:00 EST 1993

I apologize for the multiple messages.  I will try again.
After spending a few hours on a precious Saturday reading all my
email, I have to jump into the fray.  This will have two parts:
First, to respond to all the self-conscious, talk-show etc stuff
and second, to respond to the please to improve and focus the
purpose of the group
purpose of the group.For thefirst part: it is clear that Steve Modena is acting as
provocateur, at least within this news group.  The group
would benefit by simply not responding at all. His messages
seem to me to be intentionally inflammatory.  They are often
poorly written, usually containing much irrelevbant material and often difficult
to understand.  The discussion about ignoring messages that are considered
junk mail was helpful.  However, (since this is the place to
express opinions) I agree that he is wasting our resources.
The person who said it's wasted space, "but wat the heck:
it's only  bandwidth and not trees
The person who said it's wasted space, "but what the heck;it's only  bandwidth and not trees"should tune into one of the other threads of thought here about
privatizing (or partially) the internet.  The people who left
because of the wasted messages are true losses.
At this level, most of us value our time and
use it to do things we consider useful.  As for the
comments that the content is too much like a tlak show, I think
it's okey if we use it to find solutions.  Which leads to the second part of
my message, the purpose of the group.
Ive been on the network a relatively shor time.  Was there
an original statemnt of purpose?
(If so, let's see it.)  If not, I suggest we make one and
post it occasionally for new members.
I propose the following as a starting draft:
1)The most common (volume-wise) use is a spontaeous airingT
of idease, problems, comments pertinent to women in the bio-sciences.
2)A resource for information, recent example, the AWIS address.
Also, this may be good for getting ideas  for funding sources
and other resources
3) A more important function was suggested by Leslie Kay.
This is to introduce yourself as a scientist as well as your
"herstory" if you want.  Give a little blurb about your work wo that all of
us can see what the other scientists are studying
(after all, that's what we have in common).  This will serve
as a way to electronically meet other women scientists.
Then we can facilitate actually meeting in person (something
I'm always trying to do) at meetings or when we travel.
I'll start at the end of this message.
(Actually, I think Leslie Kay started it.)
Longer term, we could think about setting up an archive ofmembers,
or a directory, with other information.  The virology group is setting up and
an anonymous ftp for virology.
We could do the same.  HOwever, we may want control over it.
4)Regarding the talk about lack of women on scientific programs.
Of course, this is not a new debate.
There was a good panel discussion on this at the ASCB meeting
in Boston (1991, I think).  I suggest we use the network to help correct the
problem.  That is, as meetings come up,
individuals in this network should contact the organizers to
suggest good female speakers.  In addition, they
can send a message asking for recommended female speakers.
If you want to keep it confidential, you could ask that the recommendations
be sent directly, rather than broadcast over the internet.
As for my scientific interests, they have changed over  the
years.  Currently I am somewhere between virology and cell
biology.  I work on viral receptors, currently, the poliovirus receptor.
I have found that this receptor is expressed on monocytes and NK cells and I
am trying to understand what it's doing there.
I am also intersted i other viral receptors.
My Ph. D thesis was on the mRNA cap structure in trypanosomes.
I am currently an assistant professor at LSU Medical Center
in New Orleas.  I have been here less than one year and am still setting
up my laborotory.  There are numerous problems wit setting
up in a new place.  Fortunately, things are
moving along nicely.  I don't think any of the current
problems are due to sexism.
The problems I face now are things like managing my time, fund-raising
attracting good graduate students, trying to understand (and minimize)
intradepartmental politics.
Marion Freistadt

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