is marriage a career advantage

Wed Aug 18 03:27:46 EST 1993

In my experience if a woman does not get married soon after her
initial degree then she is unlikely to do so until she has completed
her PhD or however far she takes her education.  Once having made the
comittment to study further most women (or at least the ones I know)
tend to want to complete whatever they are doing before they commit
themselves seriously to any relationship (not that "marriage" is the
only way of doing this).
Because so many women who do actually carry on to their PhDs do
therefore get married later than their peers (the ones that have gone
into the workforce) they tend to marry professional males.  This is
however not true of the men.  Basically what I'm trying to get at is
that most professional women I know are married to professionals
themselves.  This means that professional woman are usually in a very
different kind of marriage as it is unlikely that their partners are
going to be happy to become househusbands or rear the children.  Very
few of the males I work with are married to professionals.  The most
common comment I hear is that their wives "chose to stay at home and
rear the children".  I find it amazing how many women aparently
willingly made this decision - personally I don't think they actually
had many other alternatives.  While I think everyone should have the
right to chose what they want to do I think a lot of women are not
actually that informed on the choices that they can make - I am
getting off the topic now for which I appologize!

Brenda Wingield
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