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>I would like to see some response about:
>1)networking as women scientists, i.e.
>finding out about each other's work,
>meeting, exchanging resources, infor.

I will try again.  Here's what I do:
I am a graduate student in Biophysics at UC Berkeley.  
I work in Walter Freeman's laboratory, studying the physiological
basis of perception in the brain.  More specifically, I study the
interplay of four areas of the olfactory and limbic brain during
perception in mammals (rats mostly).  To do this I use field potential
recordings from electrodes which I surgically implant to be able
to record simultaneously from the Olfactory bulb, olfactory cortex
(prepyriform cortex), entorhinal cortex, and the dentate gyrus of
the hippocampus.  

So, I do not only analysis of all of this EEG data but surgery
physiology, and training of the animals.  I would be interested
in hooking up with any other scientists who work on related problems.
I am especially interested in those familiar with signal processing,
neuroanatomy of olfactory and limbic systems, and dynamics.  I would
also be interested to contact other women who are in neuroscience.
There are many here at Berkeley, but it is always good to meet 
scientists raised in another school of thought.

>2) setting up an on-line data base of
>women biologists.

It seems we might be able to do something with the bionet 
directory of scientists, quite easily.  It would also take
someone who has the time to write a little program to parse
the fields of which newsgroups people read and their research
interests.  I don't have the time to do this now, but maybe
someone else is interested.  Then we don't have to duplicate
the work of setting up the directory.

>3) discussion of specific issues like
>recruitment of grad students, fund-raising tips,

As a grad student due to finish in the forseeable future, I'd
be interested in some discussion of grants and other sources
for research money either for post-doctoral positions or for
newly starting out professors.

Leslie Kay

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