is marriage a career advantage

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Thu Aug 19 15:54:22 EST 1993

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>Is marriage a career advantage?
>Seems to me it depends on the marriage. If both partners are professionals
>(my case) it is actually a considerable handicap,  both partners
>usually have to sacrifice career moves for the partnership. 

Actually in the case of my husband and I, we found it an advantage to
be in the same field, because we tended to pull each other into job
situations.  That is, if a university or whatever really wants to hire
one, they will make a big effort to find a job for the other.  And if
they're smart, they'll recruit the other separately, into a real job,
and not just one of those honorary positions that spouses sometimes
get stuck with.  Increasingly employers are aware that most families
contain two wage earners, and they almost ASSUME that they will have
to help the spouse find a satisfactory position in the same town or
nearby.  This change seems to have occurred rapidly over the last 5 to
10 years.

Sarah Pallas

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