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Thanks for the following information.  I have been looking for a text 
like the one you mentioned.  
> I have a really good book called 'The Scientific Lady- A social history
> of Womens Scientific interests 1520-1918' by Patricia Phillips.
> It's published by Wiedenfield and Nicolson Ltd in the UK and the ISBN
> number is 0 297 82043 5
> It really only covers Britain and Europe but its a good read tho 
> somewhat heavy going.

I do think you are in an unusual position. Most of my friends in similar
situations are  primary care givers to their children.  What I 
do not know if my friends put this pressure on themselves, or if it is
expected from them. In any case, I think you are fortunate to have a 
secure husband. 

> I'm married and have one baby daughter-8months.
> I'm also in the slightly unusual position (Ithink :) of being my families
> main breadwinner as I am better qualified and earn more than my husband.
> This means he tends to follow me and my jobs around the country!!
> Fortuneatly he's quite positive and not at all threatened by this.
> He's also one of these people who doesn't mind sharing the housework.
> I'd be interested to know if theres anyone out there in my position
> ie am I unusual??? also does anyone else in the UK read this newsgroup??

Catherine Kirk
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