reply from the moderator to Keeping excellent

Cassandra Smith clsmith at DARWIN.BU.EDU
Thu Aug 26 18:03:49 EST 1993

My role is to monitor but not control. Furthermore, I believe that
everyone should have free access. The network is what the users make
of it. 

I realize there are inappropiate postings but that is not only our
problem. For this network, I strongly encourage participants not to
respond to inappropriate message and let them die even if you are the
target. My other suggestions are to have each message subject clearly
state the point of the message so those who are not interested do not
have to read further. Lastly, posting should be polite and courteous
because this public forum.

In life we cannot always control what is said to us, or about us, but we
can try to control our responses in order to get what we want. 

Cassandra Smith
clsmith at

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