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>Does anyone have a listing of books, other resources, etc., on
>the broad subject of women in science? A biochemist friend of mine
>without net access has gotten interested in this topic, but has run
>into some difficulties locating any resources at all. (She says her
>local university's small Women's Studies book collection has nothing
>at all in this area.)
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The April 16 issue of _Science_ had a special section called "Women in
Science '93: Gender and Culture" that addressed such issues as the
question of a female style in science, women in industrial R&D,
science education, and a case study of the impact women have had
upon the field of primatology. It's roughly 50 pages long (counting
ads), and makes pretty worthwhile reading, IMHO. It also has a
page of additional readings (p. 430), as well as a listing of books
that _Science_ has recently reviewed which are in some way
connected to the theme of "Women in Science." Worth looking up!

_Science_ vol 260, 383-432.

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