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Mon Aug 30 12:42:29 EST 1993

Hello out there:

Following along with the theme started about introducing ourselves I
thought I'd add my $0.02 (Canadian dollars--I don't know what it is in
U.S. funds!).  As the header indicates my name is Jenny (aka Jennifer)
Griffin and I am in the second year of a Ph.D. program at the University
of Guelph (located oddly enough in Guelph, Ontario).  The general interest
of our lab is transcriptional regulation in eukaryotes.  My own project
is involved, at the moment, with purifying a protein from yeast which
interacts with the enhancer of SV40 and is capable of stepping-up transcription
when the right construct is placed back into yeast.  I'm new to the yeast field
-my M.Sc. involved studying a collagen abnormality in the testis and epididymis
of the sex-reversed mouse.  I'm sort of a protein chemist disguised as a
molecular biologist.  This fall I'm looking forward to my qualifying exam
(not looking forward to it so much as looking forward to being done with it!)
and being happy about not having to do more courses.

     On a more personal not, I'm 28 years old and I got married just after star
ting my Ph.D..  My husband and I work in the same field--in fact we work in the
lab (but in different areas of the building).  This probably seems very strange
-  we met when we were undergraduates and decided that when we were applying to
graduate school we would each go wherever the best opportunities lay and that
they would probably be in different cities.  Some of our applications over-
lapped (read we applied to some of the same schools) and were both accepted
into the same program in the same lab by someone who felt our skills
were complementary.  They were, it seems, we've presented work jointly at
a couple of conferences and are working on a paper together.  The reason
we are in the same lab for this next degree (he's also a grad student-
I believe I forgot to mention that) is that we were offered a chance to
work on different projects but in the same place.  We're trying to
separate our research interests somewhat at present-- otherwise finding
a job will be even harder than it's going to be.

Enough about me!  After following the interesting postings about kids
and careers I was wondering about a couple of things.  Are there any
women grad. students/postdocs/faculty members out there who are married
with a spouse who works in an area similar to their own?  Or am I in an
extremely strange situation.  My husband and I would also like to have kids
but are wondering about timing, as are many others it seems.  We were
both wondering if the women who had children during graduate school or
during a post doc managed on student/scholarship funding or did their
spouse have a job with a higher income?  In terms of flexibility and energy
levels graduate school seems like a pretty good time to have kids but the
financial considerations of having a baby now have so far held us back.
How have any of you out there dealt with this?


Jenny Griffin
Dep't of Molecular Biology and Genetics,
University of Guelph,
Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
e-mail:  ugg00543 at

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