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>Hello out there:
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Are there any
>women grad. students/postdocs/faculty members out there who are married
>with a spouse who works in an area similar to their own?  Or am I in an
>extremely strange situation.  My husband and I would also like to have kids
>but are wondering about timing, as are many others it seems.  

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>Jenny Griffin
>Dep't of Molecular Biology and Genetics,
>University of Guelph,
>Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
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As long as some introductions are being brought out I thought I would answer
this question by introducing myself...

I am an assoc. prof. in cell biol & anatomy.  I have a PhD in Biology from
Univ. Calif., San Diego, and I did my postdoctoral work for a very long time
(6yrs; 4 in one lab; 2 in another) at Harvard Med School in the Neurobiology
Dept (started back when Steve Kuffler was still alive...).  I got this job as
an asst. prof in 1986.  My research involves studying neurotrophic factors in
neuronal development (most recent pub: Neuron 10:899).  My husband is also a
neuroscientist (who happens to be interested in neurotrophic factors).  He is
also an assoc. prof. in the same dept. Those of you who are neuroscientists may
know him; his name is Felix Eckenstein. We have contiguous labs that share
common space and our offices are right across the hallway from one another.  It
was not easy to come by these jobs.  We were postdocs in the same dept. and
looked for jobs at the same time--most places wanted one or the other, but not
both...except OHSU here in Portland Oregon.  When we came here, I had a tenure
track position with very little set-up money; he had a non-tenure track
position with lots of set-up.  Eventually he got a tenure track position and we
both got tenure last year.  We have a daughter, Midori, who is 2.5 yrs old.  I
am very interested in this group and am participating because I would like to
contribute my experiences. My better known colleagues probably think I'm crazy
to spend my time here, but, hey, it's a great thing to do when I'm drinking my
coffee or waiting for an appointment to show up....

Rae Nishi
Oregon Health Sciences University
Portland OR

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