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>For those of you who hate my guts, tell me directly!!! I feel many email mailbo
>xes could begin to get cluttered with messages carrying personal attacks, which
>is probably quite irrelevant to the majority of the subscribers of this newsgro
>up. Let us not forget the topic of this discussion group: WOMEN IN BIOLOGY.
>So for those of you who still wish to take the subject of his/her PC *crap* to
>a personal level, my address is:
>                    N052FG at
>And here I was, thinking we were done with that subject and on to new things...
>Marivonne Rodriguez

What I noticed is that there was a pretty interesting thread on early
influences tilting a person toward a science (...or perhaps just an
adulthood intellect-based profession), when Erica (or was it Erika)
expressed an parenthetic opinion that PC (politcal correctness) is 'crap' 
(actually it's worse than that)....when there was an avalanche type counter-
attack by the lesbian-feminist political correctness wing of wo(man)kind that
buried the original thread about what piques a young person's mind to such 
an extent that they become a unique-self-identity.  (Does PC fill that
bill?...or was there a growing restlessness that a few of the posters were
citing *males* as early influences...who knows?)

The autobiographical diaries of survivors from the Cultural Revolution are
in agreement on several points, especially the vicious cleverness of the
female denouncers. 

Young male Red Guards might just 
parade a professor onto center stage of the daily kangeroo courts at all of
the universities and beat him on the soles of his feet until losing

The female Red Guards were far more asiduous: closet imprisonment was more
to their liking....faithfully standing guard in shifts for two years to
confine their charges to rot in their feces, feeding them just enough to
keep them alive and wimpering...never feeling a moment of regret or mercy
until the time was up!

But what one wonders is: did Madam Comrade Mao teach this technique to her
minions...or did she learn it from her young firebrands?  Oh well, it
matters not to the British Ambassador.  ;^)

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