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Tue Feb 2 12:07:03 EST 1993

In article <1993Feb2.020256.29200 at> samodena at (S. A. Modena) writes:
>What I noticed is that there was a pretty interesting thread on early
>influences tilting a person toward a science (...or perhaps just an
>adulthood intellect-based profession), when Erica (or was it Erika)
>expressed an parenthetic opinion that PC (politcal correctness) is 'crap' 

Until this point I agree with you.

>(actually it's worse than that)....when there was an avalanche type counter-
>attack by the lesbian-feminist political correctness wing of wo(man)kind that
>buried the original thread about what piques a young person's mind to such 
>an extent that they become a unique-self-identity.  (Does PC fill that
>bill?...or was there a growing restlessness that a few of the posters were
>citing *males* as early influences...who knows?)

I usually refrain from taking this kind of bait, however....  For women
like myself who have fought and succeeded since junior high to gain 
access to simple basics of education, it is particularly painful to hear
once again the tirade and accusations raised by whomever is against
anything associated with feminism.  I don't need in this forum to list
the constant struggle of being female in this world, especially for
those of us who do not fit well with what we have been told is our role.
Please keep your name calling to yourself.

Lots of hateful stuff deleted to avoid reprinting....

I am a strong proponent of mixed-sex discussions, especially now that
as women we have had a decade or two of pulling ourselves up out of
the poor self-images that we learned from society.  The reason for 
having women-only groups before this was because we didn't know how
to be ourselves when men were around, being taught only to be men's
mirrors.  Now we are stronger and more self-assured.  Now we open
our discussions and even air our dirty laundry in public.  Now we
hear, once again, the backlash and hatred.  At least we now have the tools
with which to respond.

On other bulletin boards, unmoderated ones at that, when people
enter discussions and seem to be purposely spreading hate (this
happens especially on the Jewish bulletin board), various 
measures can be taken to try to lessen their
effect.  I'm not saying that anyone should be censored, but
perhaps there are other ways to deal with out and out hatred.

My opinion.
Leslie Kay

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