on lesbian feminists, etc.

Marivonne Rodriguez N052FG at TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU
Tue Feb 2 16:14:50 EST 1993

Hooray to Leslie Kay!!! I wholeheartedly agree with your post. In my opinion, y
ou expressed it beautifully.

Re: Emily Lawsons (sorry, no apostrophes! :( ) post -
I, too, thought that there were not informed people around who still class all
feminists as lesbians... I guess we were both asking for too much, huh? I am
also unsure whether to take Steve Modenas message seriously. It has been my
experience from other newsgroups that when people post things like that they
just wanted to get a reaction. Possibly this is just what happened here.

I laughed at some parts of Steve Modenas post, though. It showed what little
information basis and how erroneous sweeping generalizations can be. He alludes
to a restlessness about the fact that some in the group have cited *males* as
influences. I could head a list of such citations MYSELF, Ill have you know!!!!
The person that inspired me to go into science was a man! (Imagine that! >;) )
It was during a summer job I held at Monsanto Labs. in St. Louis, while still
an undergrad. I worked under his supervision, in his lab. Until then I hadnt
even given research the time of day, but his love of learning, his regret that
he stopped at a Masters degree and didnt get his Ph.D., his dreams about what
he would have gotten his Ph.D. in, what he would do with it, and his extreme
dedication to the science performed in his lab all played quite an important
role in me deciding to apply to grad school and train to be a scientist. To
this day I still remember him, and the fact that he was a tremendous source of
inspiration in my career choice.

Re: Laura Kittleson post -
     I also disagree about taking PC stands just because they are trendy. It
defeats the whole purpose!!! I actually agree with a lot of what you state in
your post. And about the mild connotations that the word *crap* may have, I
think you are absolutely right. That word can and indeed is often used in a mil
d way. I guess the author herself could clear everything up by stating just how
strong she meant it.

Marivonne Rodriguez

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