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Marivonne Rodriguez N052FG at TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU
Tue Feb 2 15:54:52 EST 1993

It has been my past experience from being in other electronic bulletin boards
that when a discussion turns into name-calling and takes a more personal nature
that a lot of the subscribers wish it were taken elsewhere, since they did not
subscribe to the newsgroup to have their mailboxes cluttered with messages that
have nothing to do with what they subscribed for. This is why I asked that I
be sent personal insults personally, to spare the mailboxes of others.

Diane Stothard in her message was hoping that it wasnt a fellow woman and fello
w scientist who resorted to the name-calling. Well, Diane, it wasnt, it was a
male. I dont know whether he is a scientist or not.

Marivonne Rodriguez

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