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Tue Feb 2 11:50:36 EST 1993

In article <9302020055.AA15451 at net.bio.net>, MCCAINKW at DUVM.BITNET (Kate McCain)
>I would like to note -- at the risk of raised heat -- that some of my
>_personal_ correspondents (not all of the same opinion, I might add) were
>male.  Several expressed the opinion that, while they would like to
>in a more general discussion, that they felt unwelcome -- in at least one
>case because he had been thoroughly trashed (for apparent gender-attributed
>sins) when expressing an opinion.
>So let me offer a new (or retreaded?) topic [clause deleted]:
>what IS the status of male participation on this list?
>[much interesting perspective deleted]

Please, men, feel free to contribute.

Problems facing women in science will be best addressed when both
genders are part of the solutions.

Discussions are most interesting when well-rounded.

Considerate, open-minded sharing of experience is helpful to

--Laura Kittleson
laura at ucf1vm.cc.ucf.edu
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