Allison Peacock -- KD4NNH/AG: Future biologist/scientist?

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Thu Feb 4 05:20:31 EST 1993

(I posted the following to, expect I've now added
a few bits for clarity to the non-radio sport buff)

WARNING:    This posting is in the nature of bragging rights 
                    accruing to North Carolina

This evening we were giving RARS-VE FCC Radio Amateur license exams 
and Terry AB4VJ told me:

that at an exam in Durham, NC on 9 Jan. 93, he signed a Certificate of
Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) for

                    Allison Peacock  KD4NNH 

giving her credit for passing the 20 Words-Per-Minute Morse Code Test
and upgrading her to GENERAL Class License, since she had passed 
Radio Theory and Regulations written Element 3B previously (25 questions
drawn from a pool of 250 questions).

                 Allison was born 4 June 1985.   :^)

Rumor is: she will be studying the Advanced Class Theory Element. Well, 
that's pretty tough stuff (includes interpreting radio circuit diagrams;
50 questions drawn from a pool of 500 questions)...

                        ....I mean, when I signed her CSCE for 3B and she
said was going to concentrate on the code, I thought she meant *13* WPM!!!
[which was what was needed to complete the upgrade to General Class]
So, who knows?  Maybe she really is going to tackle the Advanced Theory 
and it isn't a rumor.  Her Grandma told me that she had helped Allison "get
the words down solid" for Element 3B....

Have you figured out her age yet?  Allison is SEVEN (7) years old. And her 
first license was NOVICE Class, last April at age SIX. [ 5 word-per-minute
Morse Code, Written Element 2 (20 questions from a pool of 200), and later
she passed Element 3A (25 questions from a pool of 250) to upgrade to
Technician Plus Class]

Her dad is George KO4MX (Extra), her grandfather is George W4WYV (Extra),
and great-grandfather is James W4LWU (Advanced).  

No, I'm not related to Allison: I'm just proud of her!  I'm proud of every 
one of the youngsters that comes in and earns an Amateur Radio License.

73, Steve   AB4EL  (that letter-number combo is my Radio Callsign;
	            the callsign of Allison's radio station is KD4NNH)

P.S. One of the reasons I became intensely interested in science was
because I got interested in ham radio and got my Novice license at age 14.
I was the first ham in my family, but of course, Allison is fourth
generation.  Instead of being a passive recipient of telecommunications,
Allison is an active communicator every time she operates up her transceiver
and talks to people by radio...something like using InterNet.  During the
Shuttle Mission before last, childern in several local schools were given
the chance to speak directly to the Astronauts via ham radio setups at
their schools with antennas pointing directly at the Space Shuttle as it
past overhead in orbit....with the hope that it will excite their imaginations 
to the possibilities!
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