Do women do science differently than men?

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Fri Feb 5 11:46:57 EST 1993

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>Do women approach science differently than men?

I really don't like this argument because I think it creates more
distance between men and women scientists than there already is.  Even
if it's true, it's counterproductive to talk about it.  What I really
believe is that different PEOPLE do science differently and one cannot
lump all members of an entire gender in one category.  I think most
women are less competitive than most men due to social conditioning, but I
know some women who are more cut-throat than almost all the men I know.

>I know about some scholars such as Evelyn Fox Keller who deal 

If you read Keller carefully she doesn't really say this.  Another
good source is "The Outer Circle", I believe the authors are Zuckerman
and Cohen.

In my field, women I look to for support include Mary Kennedy, Barbara
Finlay, Carla Shatz, Martha Constantine-Paton, and Susan Udin.

Sarah Pallas
(Devel. Neuroscience)  

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