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Leslie Kay lmk2 at
Thu Feb 4 23:58:50 EST 1993

In article <1993Feb4.194335.1 at> forsburg at writes:
>Much discussion of late of whether men belong in this group....

I don't remember anyone actually advocating that this be a closed
group.  I think that someone suggested it as a possible topic of
discussion, and some folks reacted to that as if someone had said
that it should be closed.  I think that is is always a topic when
a group has a name like "women-in-.....", but I haven't heard any
arguments for making it closed to men.  In fact, it seems to me that
this would probably be unworkable.  My name, for instance, is gender
neutral.  You'd have to know me or hear a statement from me to tell
which I was.

I agree that the very fact that we are scientists says that we should
be able to have a rational discussion about topics which affect 
women.  I, for one, am interested in the topic of how women either
a) compete with each other for limited space, or (a new one for me) 
b) how we envy each other and take offense when our colleagues start
"acting like men", i.e., speaking up in conferences, getting lots
of promotions, etc.  How do people feel about this?

Leslie Kay

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