Fri Feb 5 16:34:10 EST 1993

I realize this is slightly belated, but I haven't read any news for a while since
classes just started again.  I've just seen (and read) ALL of the uproar what I
thought was a minor aside began.  I apologize for airing my personal opinions
about political correctness.  What I meant when I said I think that PC is crap,
is that 1)requiring strict adherence to PC language, etc. seems to alienate a
large number of people who might otherwise be interested in a discussion and
efforts to make things better, and 2)exactly that- I believe focusing on PC
language and outlandish PC policies (I'm sorry, I really do believe that some of
them are ridiculous), while valid to a certain degree, take away from people's
energies that could be directed at effecting an *actual* change, rather than one
in name only (ie, PC terminology).  I do understand that referring to
indeterminate people only in the male gender *can* have certain negative
connotations and fix ideas as to the gender appropriate for certain tasks,
professions, etc.  May I make a suggestion as to a possible alternative to "he"
or "she" or "s/he" or "she or he"?  "It" is horrible in my book,
(OPINION! OPINION!) How about the neglected pronoun "one"?  There seems to be an 
aversion to the use of this pronoun in the US, but I think the British use it 
frequently, and it has freely been used in some languages to refer to
gender-unspecific persons, for instance, the German "man" (pronounced "mahn", 
meaning "one".)  Granted, this word clearly derives from the German "Mann", 
meaning one of the male gender, but the English "one" has no such connotations.

Again, I think the main point of what I was trying to say was lost in this
discussion, although it may have been productive of itself.  I have learned
something from it, and I am always adding to and revising my personal beliefs
based on what I learn from discussion with others, and I hope everyone is open to
my little explanation of my OPINIONS.  

Only one other thing.  I understand fully the nature of flames, but considering
that I admitted my "tender" years, and the fact that this was one of my first
attempts at posting to this group, were I less stubborn than I am, I would
probably have been thoroughly cowed and permamently frightened away from ever
posting again by that first flame. (No malice toward the author; she had some
good points.)

Erika Jonietz 

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