Shauna Farr-Jones shauna at
Sat Feb 6 19:10:07 EST 1993

>to the systers mail list.  It's kind of boring anyway because it isn't
>interactive.  If someone posts a question or request for feedback on a topic
>(and it has to be related to the computer profession in some way), then
>everyone has to direct her response to the original poster via email.  It's
>the original poster's responsibility to then collect responses and post a
>summary.  No discussion allowed on the group because it causes too much
>email traffic.
>Linda V. Hill                           "Nakia", Hans Christian 33

There is another women's only discussion (interactive)
group, one the WELL you have to pay for that though. 
e-mail newuser at if you are interested.
women in the well is never boring.
They also have a men's only discussion group (men on the well)
and just so no one feels left out there are aliens on the well.
The women on the well group is more than twice as active as the mens
group even though there are fewer women on the well as a whole.
We decided that it is due to the fact that women feel more 
comfortable posting there, since they don't get harrassed.
(as evidenced by what has gone on here)

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