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>Recently the human androgen receptor gene was isolated. Upon
>sequencing it was found that this essential genes has within the
>coding region in different locations three simple repeats.These
>repeats code for a a poly glu, a poly pro and and a poly glm. Thus
>far, polymorphisms have only be assessed in the poly glu repeat.....
>I have been told there are a large number of cases of these repeats in
>genes in many organisms.........................................
>...... What other genes have this potential (especially does any one
>know of other cases of multiple repeats within coding regions)?

>Cassandra Smith

The following might be of interest:

	The Q-linker: a class of interdomain sequences found in
	bacterial multidomain regulatory proteins.
	J.C. Wootton and M.H. Drummond
	Protein Engineering 2(7):535-543 1989

"Q-linkers are...~15-25 residues long and relatively rich in *glutamine*,
arginine, *glutamate*, serine, and *proline*.......

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