Supportive Grad programs

Tara Cox Matise tara at CHIMERA.HGEN.PITT.EDU
Thu Feb 11 11:53:17 EST 1993

I am writing in response to Cassandra's request the other day for
information about program which are supportive of female students and

I am now a post-doc in the Department of Human Genetics at the University 
of Pittsburgh.  I started here in 1986 directly from undergraduate studies.
I got a master's degree in Genetic Counseling in 1988 and a PhD in Human
Genetics in 1992.  I have never experienced any different treatment because
I am a women.  In fact, I have never felt like I was receiving more or less
attention or support because of my gender, which is just what I prefer.
I feel  as though I am on the same level here as all of my peers, whether
they are male or female.  I should point out, though, that the counseling
program attracts mainly women (maybe 12 women to 1 man per year).  But also,
there has always been at least 50% female students in the PhD program since I
have been here.  In fact, when I first started, there were way more women
than men, although I would say it is about 50-50 now.  It is unfortunate
that we have only 2 female professors, with about 8-10 male professors,
and a male chairman.
However, that makes it even more impressive that in an environment full
of male superiors I have never been treated any differently because of
my gender.  I would strongly recommend our program to women who are concerned
about discrimination. 

If you are sincerely interested in applying to our program, you can e-mail me
at tara at

Tara Cox Matise

p.s.  Unfortunately, I have no information about equality of salaries.  I
have no reason to believe I am making less than the male post-doc here.  I
have received support to attend the annual meeting of the American 
Society of Humen Genetics every year I have been here.

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