neophyte fisheries biologist

Beth Long ELLONG at
Wed Feb 17 19:03:26 EST 1993

  I am on the verge of receiving a BSc at the University of Waterloo, (
Ontario, Canada) and I am interested in hearing from women in the field of 
fisheries biology.  I am hoping to commence a masters program next year, but 
I am also curious about the current job market.  Thus far, I have 
concentrated on inland, fresh water fish.  I have also taken a marine 
biology course in Jamaica, but it lasted only two weeks.  I have a fair bit 
of experience as a technician and I am a scuba diver.  I would like to find 
out what type of jobs are out there, (I am willing to go anywhere!).  If you 
are employed in this field I would be interested in finding out how you got 
started, what you have done over the years, (both career and acedemic wise), 
how you are enjoying, (or not), your current position, and what you think of 
career prospects in fisheries biology.  My mother is certain that I will be 
sick to death of hip waders by the time that I am forty!  Here's hoping that 
she's wrong!


PS.  I am a first time user, hence should this message be garbled upon 
transmission, I would appreciate any tips on posting!  
Beth Long 

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