Improving the Applicant Pool

Sarah Pallas pallas at
Mon Feb 22 15:09:01 EST 1993

In article <1993Feb22.175628.21528 at> pauld at (Paul Barton-Davis) writes:
>At the risk of being mildly inflammatory, I'd suggest that in fact,
>our current conception of science and parenthood do not mix, "true
>partner" or not. 

I'm not a mom, but the moms/scientists I know who are successful at
both are really good at not spending time on any non-essential
activity (so they probably won't be reading or contributing to this!).
They are just really good at getting a lot done in a short amount of
time, and they have good support at home, whether by a live-in nanny
or a really great husband.

I agree with Paul that it would be really nice if being a scientist
weren't mutually exclusive with being a well-rounded person.  I'm
trying to make it work, I'll let y'all know if I pull it off.  The
trouble is there's always a competitor out there who's willing to work
longer hours than you.


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