Diqui LaPenta diqui at
Wed Jul 21 15:47:56 EST 1993

Re: harrassment at meetings:
>	However, like everything else, as numbers shift
>	with more women attending, we can hope that the
>	message will get through.  Certainly I've had
>	very positive experiences at the small meetings
>	I've attended, which have been well balanced
>	between the sexes.  Something else for
>	the organisers to keep in mind?
>> Loudly and indignantly
>> exclaiming that you can't believe that anyone would make a suggestion
>> like that, preferably where their colleagues can hear so they can be
>> maximally embarrassed, worked.  Eventually word got around that at
>> least that one lady wasn't for harassing.
>	I like that approach.  Anyone have any particularly
>	well chosen words to fend off the would be Lotharios?
>	susan
>forsburg at
How about clearly and loudly stating, "No, I will *not* sleep with you just to
get data." Or, "If your data is any good, it will soon be public domain 
anyway. My body will never be." I can come up with a lot more responses
which are far less polite, but that would mean stooping (almost) to the 
offender's level.

diqui at

P.S.--So it seems I did kick-start some discussion around here!



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