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> Re: getting propositioned at meetings
> I've never had the dubious pleasure myself, because I'm not a veteran.
> However, the scuttlebutt is that you're not alone at all -- lots and
> lots of women get some of the most obnoxious and unprofessional
> propositions 
	yes, the small sequestered-for-a-week-in-a-prep-school
	meetings seem to have a reputation for this sort of
	behaviour.  Perhaps it is the adolescent atmosphere
	redolent of single sex education and raging hormones.
	It is not uncommon for women attending such meetings
	to avoid the social scene at the bar and drink
	with one another in someone's room, especially if
	the ratio of the sexes is particularly skewed, which
	rather defeats the purpose of the small conference.
	However, like everything else, as numbers shift
	with more women attending, we can hope that the
	message will get through.  Certainly I've had
	very positive experiences at the small meetings
	I've attended, which have been well balanced
	between the sexes.  Something else for
	the organisers to keep in mind?

> Loudly and indignantly
> exclaiming that you can't believe that anyone would make a suggestion
> like that, preferably where their colleagues can hear so they can be
> maximally embarrassed, worked.  Eventually word got around that at
> least that one lady wasn't for harassing.
	I like that approach.  Anyone have any particularly
	well chosen words to fend off the would be Lotharios?

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