A comment and then a question...

Diane L Hustead dhustead at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Wed Jul 21 10:51:10 EST 1993


The conversation that has resulted from the 'where is everybody?' has been very
interesting to me.  I have one comment on the observation that women
tend to make statements beginning with:  I don't knows and I thinks.  Many
times I have begun a statement in that exact same manner and proceed to say
something of which I sincerely believe...not just I think I believe.  I
attribute this personal mannerism to the fact that I am more receptive to
people that present their ideas this way.  That is, I find it easier to accept
something that I don't believe in, or entertain a new thought which may go
against what I think about a situation, when I am not threatened with a
statement which feels like: " this is the way it is--you are wrong."  Is this
really a female way of discussion?   I don't know(chuckle, chuckle...).

And now on to my question.   Right now, I am making that all important decision
about my graduate school future.  I am wavering between completing my Masters
and then seeking employment, and finishing the PhD.  The question is looming...
and I would like to hear from other women out there who have done both.
Presently, I am in a Biochemistry Program and am working extensively with
enzymes and protein chemistry....  For a while, I worked at a cancer research
institute doing cellular chemisty and immunology.  I loved that work.  So, does
anyone have any words of wisdom?

Thanks in Advance---

Diane Hustead
dhustead at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu

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