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> Those four little words [just my own opinion... ] ended a recent post 
> "I don't know if this is right, but..."
> "I could be wrong, but..."
> "I think that maybe..."
> These are not statements that indicate confidence in one's own knowledge, and
> I hear myself and too many female colleagues use them over and over.

	Provocative statement time.... ;-)
	Perhaps it's women who have got it right - you know, the humility to 
accept that one can sometimes be wrong - whereas (we) men are (usually) far 
too arrogant.   Wrong, me?  Don't be stupid.   See?
	BTW, the person who started me off as a real scientist (so I haven't 
got my doctorate yet, give me time :) is female, and one of the scientists in 
Oxford for whom I have the greatest amount of respect and time.

	My musings.

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