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Julian Smith jsmith at
Wed Jul 21 03:19:57 EST 1993

Dear Women-in-Bionetters:

  Well, I've often wondered about the lack of postings in this
newsgroup too!  I assumed it was just the summer, and most people were
on vacation, or away from school, or whatever (I am).  I am a
historian of science and technology, quite interested in issues of
science and gender, which is one of the reasons I've been quietly
monitoring the group for so long.  But I have not bothered to
contribute anything as I am a male, and I don't know if you have any
policy excluding male posts on a womens' newsgroup.  I cannot be of
any use regarding modern biological topics, but if any of you have
questions or requests concerning the _history_ of biology, I'd be
happy to try to oblige, to the best of my limited ability.
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