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>Those four little words ended a recent post (forgive me for not including the
>previous post; I haven't figured out how to do that yet).  Perhaps that would

To include a previous post with your own, use Shift-F instead of just,
plain f (be sure to edit unneeded parts, tho) Caution:  I speak only of
the system I use.

>be a good starting place for a discussion here.  Many of us women have the
>unfortunate tendency to lessen the impact of our statements/ beliefs/opinions
>with just such belittling comments (I'm as guilty as anyone else).
>"I don't know if this is right, but..."
>"I could be wrong, but..."
>"I think that maybe..."
>These are not statements that indicate confidence in one's own knowledge, and
>I hear myself and too many female colleagues use them over and over. How can
>we go about changing this, so that we feel more confident expressing ourselves
>in groups? How can we be taken seriously, if we don't appear to take ourselves
>seriously?  I don't expect that there is any one answer to this, but I'd be
>interested in hearing what others have to say.

I think that the problem is not our confidence in our own knowledge (at
least, not entirely) but our confidence in ourselves, in general.  I know
I, personally, am quite deficient in the self-confidence area and that
tends to make me a little shy about speaking up with my thoughts and ideas
because that would make people notice me and, of course, if they notice
me they will instantly notice my abundant faults. 

As a woman, I find it sad to see so many other women who have the same
problem that I have.  If only the media would stop force-feeding us its
generic ideas about what is good and beautiful, I feel women would find it
much easier to like themselves and not feel so neurotic about how others
perceive them.

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